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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. No, that's what they've said about this show the whole time that the zombies are supposed to just be background stuff. It's about the characters. The crappy characters.
  2. It fails at zombies though
    So hard
    Zombies are like a pervasive threat to existence, they spend most of their time whining about internal drama
  3. Well shit.
    Arya Stark has learned her lessons, she got dark at the end of this episode
  4. Yeah but,

    In the book, during the fight in that inn, the hound takes a wound that ends up killing him from infection. That didnt happen here, so I wonder what will happen to him?
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    First episode was fantastic I thought. Great potential.
  6. For real?

    I thought it was not even remotely good.
  7. I think it's because I can't relate to the Valley stuff and jokes etc. Like Portlandia if you haven't been there it doesn't make sense.
  8. They have already deviated from the book fairly significantly, haven't they?
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    It's not supposed to be Shakespeare, dumbass. :waw:
  10. Not terribly unexpected.. but that sure was a little wtf at the end how much Arya enjoyed that.
  11. Ooohhhh defensive.
  12. I'm just glad Breaking Bad took place in NM and not in Atlanta or his head would have exploded.
  13. tsrh
  14. You tagged me on the pic. What did you expect? "Yes, you're right, Ape! What an astute observation!" I like the show, you don't. No need to be an antagonizing cunt.
  15. Your shit also stinks every bit as much as Ape's lest ye forget.
  16. Whoa Whoa Whoa! If anyone here is an antagonizing cunt, it's me. Flop makes that perfectly clear once every month.
  17. Ooohhhh defensive.
  18. :D
  19. No one wants to see your vag. Stop showing it.