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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I was thinking that when I made that post last night about how I can't connect to him
  2. The entire second half of the season of TWD was brutally boring. There were some good moments, like with the 2 little girls, and the rick goes manson on hillbilly dude scene, but overall meh. like 5 good minutes out of how many hours? I have high hopes for next season though, at least the first half.
  3. yea fuck paintball. i played it a ton in high school, couldn't afford it as a poor college student though. It's ridiculous that I can easily spend more on paint in a night than I ever would on real ammo at a shooting range.
  4. True. $60 at a gun range would be a blast. Though you'll need over $100 to have a good day paintballing.
  5. On the ripoff ammo front I heard my BFF at work talking with a contractor today about guns and some range here they were mentioning has shell drains in the stalls so they can keep your brass.
  6. I've never heard of a range that doesn't keep brass honestly. Most of the time the rule is once it hits the ground it belongs to them. Most places will give you a pass if you have special hand loads though.
  7. Apparently it's unheard of here. Dirty souf has tons of gun lovers.
  8. Funny walking dead spoiler

  9. Started watching last night and got through 5 episodes before I went to sleep. Not sure on the acting but Im liking it.
  10. There are parts of me that don't get exposed on this site that no one can call vanilla.

    But for my everyday life, yeah it is pretty vanilla. Boring pretty much. Me and my wife don't share many interests, so it's hard to get anything going. Especially in our current situation.
  11. Here's why I enjoy fiction Liam: Escapism. :)
  12. I get that. But it doesn't work for me. I just criticise everything that I find to be bullshit.
  13. Yeah, that's why I loathe breaking bad. I enjoy realistic shows like The Wire or The West Wing. Or atleast shows I deem to be realistic.
  14. o_O
  15. *shrug* I find it believable. Just as I find The Thick Of It believable, even if it is satire.
  16. It isn't unheard of by a long shot, actually. There are many, many ranges in the south which specifically state that spent brass belongs to them. There are also many that don't care if you pick up your casings, but my point is that if your friend is shocked by this, he is probably inexperiened insofar as time spent at multiple ranges.
  17. Alot of them play the safety card for it. They don't want people out on the range trying to pick stuff up. It's the same concept of accidentally losing something on the forward part of a driving range.
  18. Doubt the inexperience but who knows. Certainly not I. He's ex mil and has had like 5 guns or so for the 14 years i've known him. Maybe I misheard the conversation as well. I'll ask him.
  19. I see that the network of spin-offs (CBS) is getting a new one. N.C.I.S. Louisiana with Scott Bakula.