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Ontopic To piggyback on the gun thread, why don't the prisons work?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Wiz got arrested for marijuana possession/trafficking. He's never made his propensity for weed a secret, but you can bet he didn't get arrested on purpose about it.
  2. Andre 3000 was arrested for speeding :lol:
  3. The Ludacris one is a joke, based off one of his songs (as is the Jay-Z part a little lower down on the Fredonia article, a reference to 99 Problems)
  4. I liked that one too. Fastest rapper alive
  5. Most of them don't get arrested on purpose but they aren't ashamed of it either which was my whole point. They use the arrest as part of their street creed and it sends the wrong example to other people. It makes jail more acceptable.
  6. The actual Jay-Z one was pretty harsh, but that was in the 90s, and has since cleaned up his act.

    The Eminem one was pretty fucked, too, but seemed more a domestic violence thing than a badass music thing. I dunno about the ICP thing. At any rate, even if you count that as a gimme, most of the ones you linked were drug-related, which are pretty bogus things to be arrested for, anyway, and are not because of thuggery and violence.
  7. And when, pray tell, do Outkast worry about street cred? That's never been their scene, but you picked those two out, both arrested for either speeding or having recreational drugs.

    Wiz Khalifa isn't like LOL DUDES I WENT TO JAIL, CHECK ME OUT

    You listed a bunch of dudes that largely were arrested for stupid shit (and keep in mind, arrested is not the same as going to jail/prison, and it doesn't mean they've been found guilty of anything). If you want to keep this train rolling, you'll have to post evidence of them glorifying their arrests or jail time.
  8. I just cited the first example that popped up. Most of them were arrested more than one time. But all of them don't hang their head in shame about being arrested. Instead of the next album they go off on how hardcore they are because either survived jail or pulled one over on the law and got off.
  9. This is right up there with "Studies have shown..."

    You need to back up your words with evidence. Lyrics, interviews, etc where they are rapping/talking about jail time in a positive light, or what badass thugs they are because of it, or what have you.
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    I have to get back to work stuff. There is tons and tons and tons of evidence but even if I showed you video of one of them fucking another guy in the ass in jail saying "I love it in here and all you thugs should be here like me" you'd still just say that he was just tipsy and can I proved 10 other videos of him doing the same thing and witness testimony to back it up.

    What do you think they are talking about when they talk about being Pimps, dealers, and OGs? Is that slang for new positions in their local churches?
  11. These days, being a pimp is less about the actual profession of pimping and more about the attitude. same with OG, yeah, it's original gangster, but it's not contextually used to literally mean someone who is in a gang anymore. I dunno much about hearing about dealers, can't say I recall that. Most of the language you just mentioned, though, while prevalent in the 90s and maybe early aughts, isn't really the same stuff you hear these days.
  12. Why are you changing your argument to "they were arrested" from "they go to prison"?
  13. Fucking LOLing so hard
  14. Rock stars glorify drug use, they glorify fighting and kicking someone's ass, there are songs solely about shooting someone, so why are you choosing rappers as your target? How many black friends do you have?
  15. Brown sugar bambalammmm

  16. Black? Friends? What an odd idea.
  17. Not in my back yard!
  18. I assume they are all like rollout, so I stay clear.

    don't want to get lumped into the d&d crowd or anything.
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    Tons. I don't keep a head count because friends are friends regardless of color. All i said was their culture doesn't make prison enough of a social stigma so prisons are increasingly ineffective for them. I just lived several years in a ghetto low income area and saw this first hand. Why do people always play the race card rather admit to being wrong? Yes rock stars glorify drug use but this thread is about why prisons don't work. If it's why is drug use becoming more socially acceptable thread you can use the rock star argument.

    Rednecks loving hunting and nascar. Low income rednecks go to jail more often than rich rednecks. Same type of observation just it's something that doesn't offend people. But rednecks are not the largest group of people going to jail because it's more socially frowned on.

  20. Do you even see the disconnect here?