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Ontopic To piggyback on the gun thread, why don't the prisons work?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I apologize, you did not. You said that the only thing making prisons bad are prisoners. This is as wrong as what I thought you said.

    However, on the second part of your post, that is nothing to do with what I read in that thread. The guy did not have any goal but survival.
    He gets into those that want out and those that don't care, but he never says anything about anything in prison being a decent lifestyle.
  2. And what makes it bad is the other prisoners... People I know that have been to county spent the whole time taking to other people who got to many duis and watching TV. Nobody liked it but only because they were bored and had other stuff to do on the outside. Nobody ever felt threatened and in danger though, never a survival situation.

    Starving and cold on the streets couldn't be much better than a prison though.
  3. County as in county jail? Because jails and prisons are two totally different animals.
    Jails are short term, in Fl jail is where you go when you have a sentence of under 365 days
  4. Right, and I pointed out it because the only real difference is the people in each.

    The inmates are why they are different animals, not because of completely different policies governing each.
  5. Going to have to wait till I get home so I can dissect that
  6. I can't think of any mainstream rapper known for growing up in an upper class neighborhood and attending college as part of his street cred. If they do then they usually want it known they went on sports scholarships.

    Of course a lot of them have but they don't push that image too much.
  7. Not all of them. Just some. I researched this recently. There's about 100,000 inmates in private correctional facilities in the US right now. There are several million total inmates

    I'm not sure saying our prisons really aren't that bad is a valid thing. I guess it could be better than starving on the street, but I'm not sure. I've read accounts of people having to live in our prisons with feces due to inadequate or broken plumbing for months and lack of ventilation and all kinds of serious human rights style violations. Not to mention if you do a serious enough crime to be in a maximum security facility where you are locked alone in a cell for 20 hours a day. Prisoners aren't the only thing making these places bad. It costs money to fix plumbing and if you are trying to run a for profit operation you probably don't care if the prisoners suffer in horrid conditions especially since there is no regulations regarding this. Just a vague statement against cruel and unusual punishment, but if everyone's doing it, it isn't so unusual huh? I'm not sure anything is worth that. I'd rather freeze to death on the streets personally.
  8. Which current mainstream rap/hip hop artists put a focus on prison time? They can't help the neighborhood they grew up in, so that's pretty much irrelevant- poor or bad though it may be, there's nothing wrong with being proud of where you've come from.

    I think you're hung up stuff like 2Pac/Biggie. That's not what it's like anymore. Sure, every once in a while you get some trying to be a hardass (50cent), but the majority of the hip hop and rap artists in the "mainstream" these days aren't about thugging and crimes.
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