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Food The Vagatarian Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. I have so much to learn from you.
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  2. I grew up on a farm dude. Over the course of my first 18 years it was beef cattle, hogs, and then dairy. I'm well aware of how that all works.

    I'm fine with it.

    At least on small family farms, which are near extinct now.

    I don't like the big commercial operations.
  3. See? A cool vegan.
  4. I wasn't tryng to convince you. Your choice and all. I figured you are fine with it, but your cousin might not be. She might be thankful if you informed her.
  5. Lol I'm sure I was a huge pain in the ass at first. I watched Meet Your Meat, it is so horribly graphic, and I would recommend it to non-veggies. Not cool.
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  6. The answer is panda burgers .

    Bamboo is in the grass family and grows faster than Cardinal McGuilicutty's tit-wank .

    [ You can always tell the real Catholics by how they swear ]
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  7. Jesus on the cross, Mary, Joseph, and all the saints! (Catholic aunties).
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  8. That's it imma wash yo math out with soap as soon as your father gets home young lady .
    Sister Rita now has my permission to spank you .
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  9. Same here. My fav was "Sweet Jesus weeping on the cross!" Anytime I did something they figured would send me to hell.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. It's refreshing!
  12. She's been to the farm many times. She knows how it all works. Her Dad is the one who organized our yearly get together/pheasant hunt.

    I need to get that recipe.
  13. MC Gillicuddy lol.

    Or however you spell that.

    MC Gillicuddy is probably a semi-infamous rapper.
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  14. Well she has a very interesting stance.

    I used to help out on a farm when I was a kid. My friend's grandfather owned it and he would pay us to do random stuff. I will admit that cow patty fights are a lot of fun.
  15. Ever feel it squish between your toes?

    That is pure bliss.

    I still try to replicate it to this day but it's just not the same.
  16. The only good thing about cow patties is that it's a good mushroom medium for growing.
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  17. I've always been a shoes on kind of guy. I did go through a flip flop stage but it was a rough time in my life.
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  18. Just think how high you wouldn't get without cows. :)

    Cheap, I know.
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  19. Do you follow unnatural vegan on youtube?
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  20. You have not experienced life my friend.

    Get your damn shoes off. Feel nature beneath your feet.

    You should never wear shoes unless it's a necessity for survival (cold temperatures) or if you just damn have to because of some stupid societal thing (like to get a job or whatever).