The Tattoo Fools

KNYTE said:
My tatoos can only be seen in the UV spectrum.


I saw some website where some tattoo artist was perfecting uv ink. He and his brother had some that would glow in the dark. I bet he dies of cancer do to them.

I'm sure mine would have healed faster if I wasn't outside everyday sweasting alot moving heavy equipment. Why do they always send the 125lb Fedex driver to delivery 65lb batteries to me?
Yea, you can get UV ink tattoos.

Mine is still healing some. It's mainly going through the peeling phase. Kinda like how a sunburn peels.

my next 2 tatoos are going to be video game related.

one is the Symbol for Diamond Sword for tribes 2. and the Other is the Symbol for the Brother hood of Nod for C&C.

if i really had the balls to do it I'd get the master sword on my wang.
Onnotangu said:
if i really had the balls to do it I'd get the master sword on my wang.

Then you can ask girls if they wanted to go back to your place and play sword in the bum.

bast what time are you playing Saturday? I'm still trying to make it.
b_sinning said:
I walked in and asked if they could tattoo a butt on my butt.

I should have asked them to make it life sized.

I want a tattoo of a butt-shaped tattoo with a butt tattooed on it tatooed on my butt.
Starting at 8pm, going till ? If our music works well together, Brad and I will tag team on and off throughout the night. Otherwise, we'll do sets, probably mine first. Same if I'm not feeling much better tomorrow night, cause I probably won't want to stay out too late.