WTF So I just dick'd my butt

OK mr. living in comfort zone.

When you do lean somewhat out of your comfortzone, instead of running back, think 'how can I make this work.' Be bold.

it's about baby steps.
Oh sorry, I meant I doubt I'll be alive in 25 yrs to have any regrets.
Hmm I've never been an ambitious person. I've never found my passion (if it even exists). I'm not sure this would be the case in my situation.

You were ambitious enough to get a Juris Doctorate. Thats not something you do for funsies.
Not dumb, but brave!
Life has a funny way of working out!
This is just a new path for you and your family (cats included)
Don't let anyone focus on the negative...
This could be wonderful! Congrats!

This is stripper-level advice if ive ever heard it.
Yeah, I put in my two weeks this morning. Of course, they let me go immediately as I'm a security risk. I don't really have anything solid lined up, but I've got enough side work to keep me going for as long I'd like. I'll also be contacting some staffing agencies pretty quickly, reaching out to old contacts, etc.

It's liberating to get out of a place that had turned toxic, but obviously scary as fuck. Tell me in the following posts how dumb I am. :lol:

Let me know if you need help. I still have IT Staffing Contacts in the area.