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WTF So I just dick'd my butt

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Yeah, I put in my two weeks this morning. Of course, they let me go immediately as I'm a security risk. I don't really have anything solid lined up, but I've got enough side work to keep me going for as long I'd like. I'll also be contacting some staffing agencies pretty quickly, reaching out to old contacts, etc.

    It's liberating to get out of a place that had turned toxic, but obviously scary as fuck. Tell me in the following posts how dumb I am. :lol:

    Update 7/18/2014:
    I've started my own IT consulting firm focusing on virtualization and cloud technologies. I'm not homeless yet. Until I can get my company producing copious amounts of money, I'm making money churning credit cards.
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  2. You are doing what most of the people in office jobs dream of doing. :heart:
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  3. I think about quitting my job every single day.

    When I'm driving to work I hope that I get tboned just so I won't have to go in.

    Proud of you bb.
  4. Get a plan together and quit. Life is just ticking away. :hs:
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  5. FLY, they're still paying your for the two weeks right?

    legally they have to.

    edit: AND CONGRATS!!!
  6. I recently heard that an uneducated man like yourself can make two-hundred-thousand dollars a year with only a minimum of effort-- maybe you can jump on that gravy train.
  7. Cool man!
    Now when you moving to colorado?
  8. Easier said than done.
  9. married? kids?
  10. Nope, the problem is me.
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    @fly What was different about today that made you decide? Also what about the job was toxic?
  12. Technically they don't according to my research, but they are paying me at least through next week.
  13. Not dumb, but brave!
    Life has a funny way of working out!
    This is just a new path for you and your family (cats included)
    Don't let anyone focus on the negative...
    This could be wonderful! Congrats!
  14. good for you! finally you can hang around the schoolyards during the daytime and not just on your lunch break.
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    I've just not been very happy with things there recently. Morale is terrible. People are scared. I was tired.
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  16. I don't feel brave, but hopefully it works out.
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  17. It is that easy, I've done it.
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  18. You're a stronger person than I am.
  19. now is the easiest time for you. save a little bit of $$ & jump. You can always get another desk job.
  20. It will!
    You are a smart guy with a good eye for $$ making and saving..

    Altho we lol @ u and I often call you a Jew, this is the time where your jewness is your best skill evar!

    Make sure you sleep in tomorrow morning and have sex til noon ! You deserve it!