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Halp My 6 year old daughter can't stop playing with herself

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. That is why they told her to only do it in private.
  2. No one is saying that. Your job as a GOOD parent is to teach them that there is a time and place for it.
  3. Omg, they're worse parents than you
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    No one said it was? In fact everybody said that they need to teach her when and where to do it
  5. kiki is especially full retard lately.

    Everything ok lady? Stressful life circumstances? Still drunk from this weekend? Extra laxatives irritating your bowels?
  6. babies pleasure themselves in the womb? WTF
  7. Sure.. When they are older, not @ the age of six.
    Why expose a child to these "feel good in my pussy" feelings @ 6yrs?

    Eventually she's gonna want more and then what? Vibrators for her 9th bday and sex with the neighbor @ age 11??

    U ppl are sick.

    Exploring is OK, fucking yourself @ the family picnic on a sunday afternoon every fucking sunday is NOT
  8. Are you never planning on having a sex talk with your son?
    No one said to allow them to fuck whenever they want
  9. Related to nothing but the core topic, a lot of first generation Islamic families tend to have a problem with this (from those that I know)
  10. Chirp mother fucking chirp!

    Let's jump and assume I won't be talking to my kid about sex. Ya cuz that's what I clearly said..

    Seriously someone get this relentless bird off my clit.
  11. You honestly cant see the relation between educating a kid about sex and when it is ok to touch themselves?

    Let me translate that.
    Chirp chirp, trill-ill-ill. Tweet tweet. Youre a dumb bitch

  12. Are you six?

    Because if you're not, then he's cool on your clit.
  13. I dont wanna be on her clit :(
  14. I have a thing about fat asses on my clit. No bueno.

    Anyhooooo gwan with your topic people.

    I'm going to go into the executive bathroom, pull my pants down, yank my clit, take pics and send them to a forum member here.
  15. Someone just needs to get that kid some tinker toys or something
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    I have dark blue nail polish on and I feel a tinge of un professionalism. Oh well!

    Ugh wrong thread.
  17. I agree. Take her attention away from her clit.
  18. fly wants to tink her toys.
  19. I can tell by the way this thread goes that Asa and Kiki will get married.
  20. Meh