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Halp My 6 year old daughter can't stop playing with herself

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. You shut your whore mouth Bawb!!
  2. Asa, how were kiki's nudes?
  3. Seen better.

    Hell, had better
  4. You touched yourself as a kid. So did I. So did everyone.
  5. a little Tabasco sauce on her fingers should do it
  6. That is an evil thing to do
  7. Yes. Everyone touched Kiki as a kid.
  8. its necessary, touching yourself makes Jesus cry

    course it's his own fault for watching
  9. What do YOU care if Jesus cries?

  10. I don't like to see a fellow Jew weep
  11. I actually dont remember doing anything like that until 12 or 13.
  12. or lincoln logs.. amirite
  13. Pregnancy makes women loopy
  14. Seriously Bawb. I see what you're doing here!!!!!

    :fly: carry on
  15. And you have a photographic memory stretching back to childhood? Ok, Sheldon
  16. One time I gave a chick the jalapeño cooch. Apparently I didn't wash well enough.
  17. owww

    just owww
  18. Yeah, my wife was pretty pissed.
  19. Friend stationed in Guam liked buttsex. Chamorron girl he dated liked getting buttsexed. Chamorrons like eating spicy food. Friend got a pepper seed lodged in his urethra. Friend thought girl gave him gonasyphaherpalitis. Accused girl of this as well as told everyone. Girl broke up with him after telling her friends.
    With help from Medical, friend ended up passing the seed. Friend tried to get back into dating scene.
    Friend realized that on a small island, he had told half the people he might've had an STD. His ex told the other half.

    Friend didn't have sex for a while.
  20. from 2.5-3 onwards? Yes.