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FYI [FYI] I wiped my asp with my HR sweater.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. look at the kits that are made to heat the entire kitchen & front hall tiles. I've heard that they can even lower the furnace heat during the winter because you're literally walking around on warm flooring. tbh, if I redo my office, I'm putting it in there (10x11) so that 8-10 hrs a day during the winter I can have leave the rest of the house cooler while I'm in here
  2. Radiant heat is an option in some houses around here, but to heat that way you can't just use the mesh wires like for heated floors. It's piping and I believe it is a huge undertaking to add it to a house that was not built with it. I have a friend whose house has it and it's very nice. The floors are always warm and they tell me it is cheaper than gas or electric heat.

    This was one of my favorite features of our renovated bathroom. They informed me that the regulator was now a code requirement. I loved that I never got scalded or frozen in the shower.
  3. :sad: I live in a condo with poured concrete floors throughout. In the 70's when it was built, all electric was the catchphrase. We have electric baseboards, stove, and water heater. A few years back we upgraded to electric fluid filled baseboards and noticed a huge difference. Cut our bill by 20%.

    Anyways... we're going to rehab the bathroom this year. The floors aren't really cold, but the tub gets frigid.
  4. No matter when you do it whole house (generally hydronic) radiant heating is a ton of work. The small electric rollout stuff is apparently pretty easy to work with though.
  5. Sounds like I'm pretty much stuck without. I looked at some and they seem cost prohibitive with the other plans we already have. :(
  6. If I lived in a northern climate Id have to have radiant heating in the floors
    The 2 or 3 days a year it gets really cold here my tile floors are like ice, and its miserable
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    the 200 or 300 days a year it gets what you would call "cold", the heated tiles are awesome. This bathroom is on an outside corner wall as well, so it gets a wee bit colder. The heated floor is just in the walking area too, not under ther shower or tub or whatever.
  8. Yeah, that's the floor warming stuff. From what I understand it's not substantial enough to heat a room, just the floor.
  9. So yesterday I had so much water at work and I had to pee soooo bad.... I ran to the washroom and I accidentally peed on my building access card :(
    It was hanging on my shirt around my crotch area and when I sat down the slinky thingamajig went down a little and I peed on it :(


    Omg wtf is wrong with me :(
  10. HAHAHHHAHAH It's okay, just wash it off and put some sanitizer on it if makes you feel better. It's just pee! lolololol
  11. I wonder what I'll piss or shit on today :(
  12. Normally it's a thread or two.
  13. I'm gonna fuck you up in Paris :mad:

  14. Lololololol
  15. Worst. Grandpa. Ever.
  16. the hell is wrong with you, woman?
    Youre supposed to pee on other peoples stuff, not your own.
  17. :( I am teh fail :(
  18. you should never ever get anywhere near moving or spinning machinery. You have way too much loose hanging stuff. Imagine if instead of peeing or pooping on your flowy stuff, it got sucked into a 15k RPM spindle and tore your arm off :)
  19. Omg that not even funny yo!