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FYI [FYI] I wiped my asp with my HR sweater.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Why are you wearing it over your jayjay? That would freak me out. Whenever I've had stuff like that for work it's on my hip.
  2. You probably have hips though
  3. True, true.
  4. Hips are nice. I like them.
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    i know :( but i didnt piss on it this time. :) are you proud of me granpapi @DJBrenton bounce me on your knee MEOW!!!

    UGH i use it alll the time to enter this room or that room. plus all the labs and shit have security... i find that it gets in my way if i clip it to my hip


    those are leggins i wore with tall boots.
    omg i cant believe how many HR Sweaters i won now :(
  6. LOL @ HR sweater
  7. HR sweaters freaking rock. Offices are always frigged.
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  9. Where? I see no large hips.

    I like large hips, you do not have them.
  10. I really do :(
  11. someone has a terrible self image
  12. Your clothes size is a single digit, yes?
  13. Kiko will grow up thinking he has enormous hips. You are a baaaad parent Kiki.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is why we taught iraqis and afghans the fist bump.

    Toilet paper has been used for a couple thousand years. In areas without it, they used water. Or leaves. A culture that still, to this day, just uses their hands is not simply different, it's unsanitary. It's not just about being gross but a society that doesn't have shit tickets is unlikely to have the kinds of soap necessary to truly clean a hand that's been through the eastwood ravine.
  15. Uhm yes...
    If I were a size 10, I'd be a fucking butter ball.
  16. terrible parenting, poor child
  17. Then my comment stands, you have no hips.
  18. trust me... i have latina hips. i cant run from them.... :'(