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FYI Anyone following this manhunt for an LAPD officer who is hunting police?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. niceof the cops to burn down a cabin intentionally with potential hostages inside
  2. Nope. As of 430am eastern time. They could not confirm.
    The cabin is too hot, no one has been in the cabin to confirm.
    They are still acting as if he were at large.
  3. Charred remains found...

    Way to make me look like a liar CNN..

    Anyhoo.. Some blonde chick was saying they couldn't confirm anything..
    Now they have remains..assuming they are his..

  4. I've actually heard that alot about tear gas.
  5. excellent reporting :fly:
  6. Another botched early call by the media.
  7. So who was the charred remains?
  8. They suspect it's him but they aren't certain yet until they check the teeth or some other way of ascertaining identity.
  9. It was this guy

  10. That would indeed be a surprise, motherfucker
  11. What going to happen to Doakes?

    /Wes and zac
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  13. Tragedy + Time = Humor

    it's coming.

    BBQ, watermelon and this incident are going to have a "what, too soon?" moment.

  14. :rolleyes:

    Racist jackass.
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    "welcome to mcdonald's, can I take your order?"

  16. I was really hoping the guy would just disappear and live a quiet life somewhere for a good twenty, thirty years really building up the conspiracy theories and the mystery. :-(
  17. Maybe he has

  18. woah this shit is crazy.

    quality news right there