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FYI Anyone following this manhunt for an LAPD officer who is hunting police?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Yup, no way that guy is getting taken alive, even if he walked right into police HQ unarmed with the intentions of surrendering.
  2. From what I've read a lot of cops don't actually have real good aim.
  3. I think everyone in this story is just terrible. The fugitive and the cops. There's no excuse for beating people up in school for calling people names and there's no excuse for killing people just because you are pissed that you lost your job in an unfair manner. I would applaud this guy if he just went to news outlets and whomever else would listen with evidence of corruption. Instead he chose to become (if he wasn't already) just as bad as they are.
  4. Sadly, the media only listens if there's a death toll.

    The next guy is going to have to go after some ones kids to get national media exposure. Fucked up world.
  5. It is a sad commentary on our society, isn't it? The media has been creaming itself over crazy stories ever since Watergate and it's like shit has to get more and more extreme every time for it to warrant a media circus. You're right, this world is fucked up.
  6. He knows that. Basically said so in the manifesto..
  7. The number of people I've seen defending his actions (not here) is so scary to me. The appropriate response is never to go around killing people. He's not even killing people he holds directly responsible, he's killing their FAMILIES. That's not justice. That's not righting wrongs. You don't get to just go around killing people. Look, if what you say happened to you really happened, then I feel sorry for you, and I wish the appropriate justice could be found, but this isn't it.

    Nobody's excusing the LAPD for shooting the civilians, everyone's up their asses about it, as they should be, but I've also seen plenty of people lauding this dude as some sort of folk-hero. It's disgusting.
  8. People will go to extremes when they feel as if they have nothing left.
  9. But does that make it ok? The daughter and her fiancee did nothing to him. Is it ok that they're collateral damage in getting back at the father? Does that right a wrong? Does it undo any of the problems he caused, or is it just a sick revenge fantasy made real?
  10. I don't think anyone here is saying okay. At best, I think a few people can understand the reaction but aren't condoning it.
  11. You can try to understand what the circumstances are that led someone to such desperate measures, but I've seen people actually defending his actions, saying things like I hope he keeps up the good work.

    edit: again, not here.
  12. Has it not yet quite hit you that most people on the internet are fucking retarded?
  13. oh, I get this, but the people who are being retarded on the internet are also the people who are real people out their living their lives. It's easy to chalk it up to stupid /b/tards and the like, but I can't shake the fact that these are REAL PEOPLE who are making these fucked up statements. Real people who actually believe that this is ok.

    And who don't see the complete disconnect in that they think the police killing innocent people is bad, but this guy killing innocent people is justice.

    Personally, I think America's love affair with the death penalty leads to a lot of that type of thinking, though. That thought process sees death as an appropriate means of justice. They're less interested with trials and actual guilt or innocence than they are making sure someone fries for their crimes. In this case, they just see him as skipping ahead to the good part.
  14. Again, its the internet, where its fun to be inflammatory. Doesn't mean they really think that way IRL
  15. mental instability could develop in later years and even an SSBI isn't going to weed out everyone. I'm not sure if a non-SCI TS required a psych eval
  16. Didn't for me
  17. this is correct, it doesnt.

    no lifestyle poly either. Thats the awkward one.
  18. I guess, but I think it still gives this guy a level of fame undeserved for his actions. If they don't think that way IRL then why would they want to contribute to giving him praise anywhere? It doesn't seem like a wise way to condemn someone who you believe has done wrong. It's kind of a dick move if you ask me. I'm pretty much disgusted with people who act differently on the internet than they do IRL. Like it or not, the internet does actually influence our society and culture.

    I know I know, the internets is serious business...blah blah blah.
  19. People cheer for the anti-hero, its like a movie to them. Noone cheered for the cops in Rambo: first blood.

    Stupid people cant differentiate this from a movie because of

    A) how the media is portraying it
    B) the fact that they have no connection to these innocent people getting murdered.