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FYI Anyone following this manhunt for an LAPD officer who is hunting police?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. The Feds/FBI ought to take over this case, given how hot-headed LAPD/etc officers are.
  2. Might be a smart move on that dudes part to commit some low level crime in Nevada to force the FBI to take over, the again, with the FBI involved, his chances of avoiding capture go down dramatically.
  3. FBI is already involved as a support element. So at least the LAPD is being watched, even though they still maintain control of the investigation.
  4. Right, but the FBI ought to take over the primary control of the case now.
    But as Duke said, the guy probably isn't in California any longer, so it'll become the FBI's case anyway.
  5. hold the phone. I never said he left. I said it would be a smart move for him to commit a crime over state lines.

    He won't leave to avoid capture, though. He fully intends to stay local, and take out more cops.
  6. I still predict that if they dont catch him within this closing 48 hour window, he'll be gone for a while.

    Theyll get him eventually, but it will be a while if he's evaded for the first window.
  7. Stolen from reddit

  9. i want a picture of a guy wearing a hoodie getting into that truck.
  10. Onno lost some weight
  11. Damn. That's pretty messed up. I see the "lol factor" in this... But its pretty fucked up...
    The LAPD has been tainted since that whole Rodney King shit... And didn't the OJ Simpson case discredit a super racist cop?

    I agree that killing innocent people for revenge isn't the answer. But it was for HIM... For whatever reason, it was for him.

    Meh, I'm trying to follow this story..
  12. I tried explaining this story to my BF last night, came out sounding like the plot from terminator or something.
  13. The LAPD is getting the negative exposure they deserve!
  14. That's racist!
    Totally. Crooked cops shouldn't get away with shit.
  15. I dont think so, at the end of this nothing will change. They arent getting enough negative exposure.
  16. Seriously. They survived Rampart, they survived Rodney King, they survived OJ, and nothing has changed. The Legacy of Daryl Gates is still secure.
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    I feel like The Offspring's 1992 song LAPD stays relevant throughout the years, despite being over 20 years old now :lol
  18. or you know.. rambo. Because thats almost identical and doesnt have too many space time traveling robots and shit.

    Also, is your boyfriend not the sharpest tool in the shed? You seem to have to explain a lot of things to him.
  19. He's sharp in many ways, but keeping up with current affairs when we have no TV and he does not read news sites is not his strongest suit. He probably doesn't even know Michael Jackson is dead.

    He's too busy playing music, tinkering with electronics and such to do much else usually.