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FYI Anyone following this manhunt for an LAPD officer who is hunting police?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. You responded to that very mildly.
  2. While i was being a dick to start with, the reasonable response has encouraged me to not continue to do so.

    I dont give a shit about current events or the news or gossip either, so i can understand completely where the guy comes from.
  3. Why wouldn't I? :iono:

    I don't think keeping up with current affairs shows any kind of intelligence anyway. Not that this story is even necessarily news here in the UK, I only know because I'm around all you Americans.
  4. The problem with comparing it to the first Rambo is very few people have actually seen that movie, especially in the younger generations. They all know Rambo from the second one where he's kicking ass in the jungle.

    Nobody remembers he was ever in Afghanistan fighting the Russians in the third one.
  5. Of all the names I've heard so far Pudge Dredd is the funniest to me
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  7. Yep, shot 2 more cops and they have him pinned down in a cabin.
  8. Solution: launch a cruise missile or a Predator drone missile strike into the cabin and call it a day.
  9. We can only use drones to kill American's on foreign soil.
  10. Do they actually know its him this time or could it be another pair of small latinas?
  11. Supposedly over 100 rounds were exchanged.
  12. That doesn't exclude it being some Crimson Tide freshman out looking for credit cards.
  13. Looks like he killed one of the Fish and Wildlife guys he got into a gunfight with, and the cabin he's in is now burning. I had no idea Tear Gas grenades had such a high probability of causing a fire, but I guess they can.
  14. An executive order can fix that little rule no problem.
  15. if the guys not in there they just burned some poor schmoes house down
  16. He's confirmed dead in the fire.
  17. i know. kind of sucks.

    glad he's caught... but damn if he would've escaped from this it would've been epic.
  18. Well armed small latinas.
  19. With that kind of drive to perform jobs the avg American doesn't want, how can we possibly deny them citizenship?? Case closed.