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Halp Android devices

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. Nimoy can be my house computer voice.
    Alternatively, Shatner.
    I'd love to hear my computer have Kirk/Spock arguments with itself.
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  2. Come out of the closet, Nukes.

    We know you're a sci-fi geek.
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  3. I'm out.
    I've re thought this
    I want two powerful computers

    Queue Vulcan fight music.
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  4. Been watching Planet Earth II at all? Nature is fucking metal. :drool:
  5. Alexa is kinda stupid.

    the tech is awesome as fuck, but they need to work on their backend service. neighbors ordered a google home, gonna see if thats any better.
  6. isn't alexa the only one that really takes context into consideration at this point?

    they all seem gimmicky to me at the moment, maybe that'll change in the future.
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  7. nope, thats hound.
  8. Switching from Dalvik VM to ART was a huge step. Dalvik was old and needed and upgrade. I so wish I was working at Google on Android. I'm just not that smart, or too lazy, or both.

    I would want my house to talk in Morgan Freeman's voice. On saturday night I watched 2 hours of Into the Wormhole.

    I could lay on his chest and live there for the rest of my life while he speaks.
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  9. At Disney Hollywood, they have a fake Loews Chinese Theatre replete with the concrete hand prints out front.
    Somewhere on my wifes iPhone is a picture of me with my hands in Nimoys, with the double Live Long And Prosper symbols.
    It was a real moment.
  10. I think they are getting rid of that.
  11. Good thing I had her take that pic.
    I'm such a mark for Spock.
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  12. I thought it was just the busts
  13. They are redoing a lot of that park for Frozen and Marvel I think
  14. The Star Wars park should be off the hook.
    Might have no choice but to go back "for the kids".
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  15. They are building an entirely new Star Wars area.

    Also, the only bust I know they took out was Cosby
  16. ok, so alexa may be dumb, but goddamn if it isnt awesome to talk to my house. Its reliable, and quick for simply commands. I cant give it complex orders or natural language stuff like google, but simple commands work great.

    Alexa, house lights on (all lights in the house go on in about 1 second)
    Alexa, house house lights at 10%
    Alexa, living room lights at 100%
    etc etc

    Walked through the house in a stupor last night to get something, and rather than constantly running into shit, i just muttered at alexa when i was coming down the stairs and the whole house was lit nicely to a low level such that i didnt run into things, but it also didnt blind me.
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  17. Star Wars and Toy Story Land :)

    Marvel is Rumored to be going to Epcot. Frozen is there as well.

    The busts I was told are gone or will be as they've redone that area already.
  18. @Domon

    Well hellooooo mister fancy pants. :p
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  19. darth handsome should bully you over comments like this.

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