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Thread Winter Olympics - 2018

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Amstel, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. see guise wickie can be helpful
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  2. I have an EPG...
  3. I do too now.

    Had to update everything, again.
  4. ahhh. I sure do hope they get this shit sorted.
  5. This is cool.

  6. Yep, she fucking killed it!
  7. did that ginger guy snowboard for the us yet?
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  8. he won gold last night
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  9. I see those dutch cunts are up to their old tricks. Yknow if speed skating had never been invented those pricks would never win a damn medal
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  10. I wish Eric Heiden would come out of retirement and show those little bastards a thing or 5.
  11. It can't be all that fun bolstering the dykes all day.
    Or posing for cigar box paintings. At least they have speed skating.
  12. I want us in 1st place & you guys in 2nd place. Ze Germans can fuck off, the dutch can fuck off and especially those whale eating norwegian heathens can fuck right the hell off
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  13. I can't wait to see the US Women hockey team beat Canada.
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  14. Slovenia over the US with a 3-2 comeback in OT.

    I am with grief.
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  15. Russia losing to Slovakia was nice though.
    Hey, I thought the Russians were out?
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  16. Dont our broads have your broads' number whenever the olympics come around?

  17. Last time you won 3-2 in OT. NOT THIS YEAR MAPLE BEAR!
  18. Is that the game where we missed an empty net. Coughed up the lead at the last second and then lost in OT?
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  19. Oh shit I forgot about that lolol
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  20. I didn't. There is some emotional scarring.
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