will any planes blow up today?

Pandora said:
Actually Dasani is great for cut flowers...not that you care cuz you're a guy...but fyi for you UF ladies. Whenever I've used it it actually caused the flowers to grow a little. :)

That is great to know, but now any ideas on how to get Knyte to buy me flowers?
Drool-Boy said:
wtf knyte buys me flowers all the time.
And he always draws a little picture of himself naked holding an assault rifle on the card.

Man, I don't even get cards with pics of him naked. I feel betrayed. :(
My friend was rather happy today as he did next to nothing as most flights were delayed or cancelled. Other than government types rushing around nothing much else happened. Heathrow has always had incredibly high security, so it's not like you would notice a difference.

Seeing as he works in one of the top terrorist targets in the UK, and will thus obviously have much more information than the rest of us, he'll keep me posted. As yet, there's nothing special.
Kimi gets flowers on Memorial Day.

because there is a large amount of free flowers to be had at the cemetary.