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What type of things do you forget on a regular basis?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by crazymike, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. My main thing lately is eating. It will be like 1am and I realize that I hadn't eaten a thing all day long.

    Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth too.

    I also forget to cash my paychecks. And then I have a stack of them because I get paid in multiple checks.
  2. I can't remember
  3. hey cool. you just reminded me to pick up my paycheck!
  4. I forget to eat a lot too. You'd think it'd be something that you'd remember. I also forget to sleep sometimes.
  5. i cant forget to eat.... im hypoglycemic... if i dont eat i start getting horrible headaches and I feel really weak and sick.

    im too lazy to forget to sleep.

    i usually forget to bring things, like if i need to bring something from/to work.
  6. I forget where I'm going sometimes. I'll be walking twords the tv and wind up in the kitchen, sit down and start eating, then realize I wanted to watch tv.
  7. Sometimes when I leave for work in the morning Ill either for get my sunglasses, telephone or my lunch.
    Missing any of those makes me :mad: the rest of the day.
  8. My memory sucks. I forget all sorts of things.
  9. hahahaha excellent :)
  10. who makes thier bed???
  11. i forget all sorts of stuff. Most recent:
    my lunch
    to mail out my bills
    the birthdays of everyone i know
    to take my allergy medication
    to set my alarm clock to make it to work
    actually, i forget shit all the time.
  12. you forget to shit?!
  13. yep. it's quite unfortunate, this one time when i was in the grocery store...
  14. haha i hope this story ends with " they charged me $4.50 a pound!"
  15. Yeah, I forgot that I didn't take my permit with me to my driving lesson today :( I thought I lost it. I had to go to the precinct to fill out a missing report to take to dmv. When I got home, you guessed it, I found my permit. My memory = the suck.
  16. how old are you? 15?
  17. WTH. I'm 25. :fly:
  18. driving permit?