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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. God forbid you accept a possible alternate theory. IIRC, he quoted studies just like you did, genius.
  2. Two vaginas or one?
  3. the more the better!
  4. how many boobs?
  6. I accept it but society doesn't
  7. I'm not a fan of Dawkins. he nailed his colours to the mast where genes are concerned in 1976 and has simply sought support for his views ever since. The advancements in gene research since then should have demanded a complete rethink, but that could have meant his life's work being found to be based on misconceptions. I have no idea whether he or the vast array of scientists who disagree with him are right, Ijust know he has a vested interest in the theories he espoused rather early on in both his career and the study of genes.
  8. I read The Blind Watchmaker (I'm assuming that's the 1976 date you're talking about) which is still pretty much the gold standard for background for the laymen on evolution. I also read The God Delusion. Both were really interesting, but he is a terribly boring writer.
  9. The work I'm referring to was The Selfish Gene which IMHO was so early it was largely guesswork. His theories are interesting but as a scientist he really should be prepared to re-examine them with so much more data available now.

    The Blind Watchmaker was 10 or so years later.
  10. Meh, some of the same ideas (as I understand them) from The Selfish Gene are being covered in a book I'm reading now called The Red Queen. I never read TSG, but at least some of the ideas are apparently still relevant.
  11. There seem to be a lot of different theories ( which is all any of it seems to be). I rather like the fact that one of Dawkins' tutors at Oxford described The Selfish Gene as a 'young man's book'. Dawkins took this as praise as it came from a commentary on an AJ Ayre book. Later he realised that it was meant to suggest that, just as AJ Ayre had recanted much of his book, so too should Dawkins.
  12. Well if you read this sort of crap, I highly recommend The Red Queen. You can read, right?
  13. One creepy thing I find that pisses me off more than anything:

    The drones in society who go to doctors, accept the FIRST opinion, get the first thing prescribed to them, then bam, medication roller coaster for years. Drives me insane. Sick of the "pill for everything" mentality. People need to research, READDD, and learn about nutrition, first. Taking pills before trying to look at your food intake/lifestyle drives me nuts.

  14. I read all the earnest shit when I was young. Not so much now.
  15. People that take antibiotics all the time drive me fucking insane. YOURE RUINING THEM FOR THE REST HUMANITY YOU SELFISH PRICK.

    Oh and then there are drugs like the statins, prescribed to reduce cholesterol. Shown to be no more effective at reducing it than walking a couple times a week and eating some fish. Oh, and a helluva lot more dangerous.
  16. statins are for when exercise and diet dont work. There are genetic factors for cholesterol that cant be overcome unfortunately.
  17. Part of the problem with antibiotics is that drs prescribe them for everything now since people want to take a magic pill for everything. I blame doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

    Lol statins. IMHO one of the biggest scams. Kinda like "low fat" foods.
  18. ya fatties, eat your low fat foods, they're called vegetables.

    And yess to the restt..
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    EXACTLY. But, the "creepfactor" here is that it's becoming so normal. Everyone that hears about the flu in my household, (oldest had it, now youngest is hit with it today): "Omg, go to the ER." Like, WTF? REALLY?? He's not dying!! He's not lethargic. He's not an infant! I'm taking care of him, ffs!

    It doesn't matter wtf it is, people run straight to docs for magic pills.