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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. BAM!
  2. Only if you want a giant grease fire.
  3. Is it okay to make fun of morbidly obese retards? Technically speaking, they're too dumb to know better. But probably also too dumb to know that you're making fun of them.

    Can I get a call here?
  4. I'm excluding you from my morbidly obese retard question.
  5. That's okay, when the zombie outbreak occurs and the food supply dries up, I could live off of my fat stores for a decade while the rest of you starve.
  6. It's OK, he's too dumb to realise you mean him.
  7. Hahaaa

  8. I say thats a go.
  9. I'm surprised you had to ask for a call on this. Everyone knows it's more fun picking on people when they have lots of disabilities.

    Case in point:
    Making fun of a midget is fun, but making fun of an albino midget with an afro and a snaggletooth is when memories are made and lives are scarred.
  10. I don't trust Europeans, they don't use enough z's.

  11. There's a z in Beelzebub. They are the Devil's letter and I have no intention of burning in hell for all eternity by using the devil's letter when there are perfectly godly s's available.
  12. Looking at pay stub:
    Soc Sec
    23.7% of income

    Compared to
    Soc Sec
    20.6% of income

    At least everything is less expensive this year.
  13. SS went up 2%, Feb will supposedly be the federal hike. Yay!
  14. At least we all got raises to soften the blow...
  15. yeah, after my yearly raise, with the tax increase, my check stays the same.
  16. Nice of them. My raise was less than the tax increase.
  17. Christianity.
  18. Nothing wrong with it, it's the idiots and zealots that fuck it up.
  19. Same with pretty much every religion.
  20. Fixed