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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. TSRH

    It fucking angers me!!

    Then they want sympathy ! Fuck you mini cow!
  2. being proud of it is the larger problem
  3. Wow, so hostile against the fattys
    theyre people too, ya know, you should go get a greasy sweaty hug from one today to see.
  4. I'd rather shit on my HR sweater.
  5. How do u feel about drug addicts? The ones that ruin their lives and look like toothless meth heads? Do u have sympathy for them? I mean crackheads chose that lifestyle, much like these obese people chose to eat 14 dozen donuts in one sitting, subsequently ruining their lives, much like a crack head.
  6. Well, they aint bothering me directly, so I dont give a shit about them.
    You two are openly hostile to the fattys tho.
    Its funny.
    I bet you guys are a riot to go to walmart with...
  7. I dunno. I think if you try to eat 14 dozen donuts in one sitting, and succeed, you've got a lot to be proud of. Way to man up to the challenge. A+ for effort.
  8. Omg a UF Field Trip to Walmart would rocK so hard!
  9. Not fat people....obese people. There's a huge pound differential.
  10. What is the holy hell is that going on in that fat fold underneath her 10th chin... WHAT IS THAT

    I'm about to barf.
  11. Morbidly obese people who are on disability strictly because they are morbidly obese, using society to pay for their hover rounds and their daily excursions to McDonalds for sustenance would have been left behind in the wilds to die back when the world made a bit more sense. Some of the old ways need to make a comeback.
  12. Tsrh survival of the fittest
  13. Not really.
    Difference between fat and obese, medically speaking, isn't that great. Maybe you meant morbidly obese? Terminally obese?

    Based solely off of BMI, the first time you met me I was obese

  14. You know exactly what she was referring to, so why argue semantics?
  15. Terminology is important
  16. Intent and understanding > terminology.
  17. Not to get into another stupid ass argument, but if you dont use the correct wording, how can you be understood?
  18. Doughnuts are tasty, crack is not, end of story.
  19. come on dude, you know what she meant. don't be gay again.