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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Six Feet Under was great right till the end.
  2. I'm on Californication season 4. It's awesome. But it got weird for a bit
  3. Oh snap, didn't know this is the end. Cool. I'm glad I won't have to watch it anymore after this season.
  4. Bluestone 42 is pretty damn good.
  5. Finished up House of Cards earlier last week. Some wtf moments in this season. I really despise Kevin Spacey's character.

    Started up a Breaking Bad binge this weekend. Around middle of Season 2. Good so far.
  6. Glad someone agrees with me on house of cards. Such a dick character.
  7. thats the point. He's entirely unlikeable.

    The most likeable character on the show is the blue collar womanizing, whoremongering, drug abusing, alcoholic.
  8. Is that Aubrey Plaza?
  9. "antihero"
  10. Exactly, you're supposed to love to hate him.
  11. Jesus Christ, Walking Dead was a bag of flaccid dicks.
  12. This.
  13. Of course.

    See: Walter White
  14. Wut? Rick rage mode was over the top and the most brutal scene to date in the show's history. The very ending might have been done better but it was a setup for where next season, at least the A half, is going.
  15. It was a smidgen better than Dexters final episode.

    Ooh Carl was about to get raped, kid had it coming. :fly:

    Other than that, it wasn't the most brutal scene.
  16. Forgot to rant about Jesse's character being a whigger. It's really, really annoying.

    "what's up YO?
    that's not the deal, YO."

    Walter, please knock Jesse out if he says yo one more time. Holy fuck.
  17. It's not so much like that, imo.

    You're like the only person I know who finds his character annoying, because he's funny as fck!