This just in: inphosys joins Useless Forums...

BeeRad said:
My name Brad is not short for anything. Normal Brads are always either Bradley, Bradford or Braiden(sp). My parents hated the longer ones but for some reason still liked the name Brad, so I got stuck with it :eek:
Interesting... I've got most people beat for syllables...
InfluX said:
hell no, show us your tits
*recycles year old pic*

bast_imret said:
So Brad, do you work with Erage? And if so, how many work hours each day does he either:

a) Post on the Forum
b) Play Oblivion
c) Look up homosexual flash animations
d) Work

Work is a relative term.

ERage and I don't "work" together. I pimp him out and he brings me product. I in turn pass said product to my buyers who are then charged exorbitant amounts of money. In the end, ERage makes about 12% of the total draw. It's really quite fair.
inphosys said:
Boubon and 7-Up.

If I'm at a bar ... then it's Maker's Mark Bourbon & 7Up. If I'm at home then it's either Woodford Reserve or Bakers.

How about you?

Scotch. Single malt.
eileenbunny said:
Hooray for a growing night crew. Oh and welcome. Tell me about your underwear!

Thank you for the warm salutations!

Well ... my underwear is as varied as my personality. Not to be mistaken with my personality is in my underwear. :p Well ... you can take that however you want!

I'm typically a boxer-brief or a tighty-whitey type of guy. Seeing as how I live in Savannah, GA where last week the recorded high temperature with humidity was 108 degrees, it's somewhere necessary to have something that's a little bit fitting. That is if you don't want the family good to be stuck to your leg.

And as Erage eluded to earlier, I go from client to client all day. Which means I'm constantly going to and from an airconditioned car or office building. Since you all seem like smarter than average individuals ... I'll let you figure out what that means.