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Flamer McDickchugger said:
There is, however, only one Damon.

Much to the chagrin of women everywhere.

only 1 chris which is very unusual...I had a party a number of years ago where there were something like 5-6 chris's out of the 30-40 people there
InfluX said:
but what if they're chicks who just happened to be named brad? we can't bar them from sharing their boobies with us just because they happen to be unfortanetly named.

...all right, that was a poor excuse. but still. we can't have TWO brads :p

There was however a show when I was growing up with a chick named Brad on it, kinda suxxored for me
FlamingGlory said:
What is Brad short for anyway? Is it just one of those short dumbass names?

My name Brad is not short for anything. Normal Brads are always either Bradley, Bradford or Braiden(sp). My parents hated the longer ones but for some reason still liked the name Brad, so I got stuck with it :eek: