This just in: animepark13 joins Useless Forums...

El Borracho said:

I was gonna post porn in the man forum, but i don't want to crawl some gay website, and there's no telling how long someone else would ban me.

uh, sure, I'll ban long?
El Borracho said:
made, ban me.

lol, I forgot you were name raped over there and locked it...just unlocked
and you're band for a month...there's no option for 6 goes 1 month to two months
April23 said:

touch my ass, sweetie, i don't need distractions from school work or i'll have a rehash of the last two years of highschool where all i did was piss around and get by on b's.

I already axed being able to hang out with people i actually like, i might as well take away my main home entertainment staple.
animepark13 said:
i am tired of long hair, especially since mine is always so messy. So i cut it short cause i don't care anymore.

night crew FTW!

we have a great night crew. me and flamingglory braid each others hair over hot toddys and juicy forum gossip.
FlamingGloryHole said:
Wait a second... Arent you like a 17k?


but i remembe reading about it when my sister was a member. i was like, 13 or 14, so i can't recall the details. i kind of pieced it all together sometime after i joined.