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GAY The Useless Travel Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. How the fuck don't we have a master travel spam thread. I blame April. No, actually, since I'm sitting here at GDub intercontinental (apparently they are better than just calling themselves International like the rest of the fucking world) I blame @Mustard Dispenser .

    I've got six hours of layover here before I hit the bordellos in the seedy part of Cancun.

    I had to tech the bartender here how to make a fucking Colorado bulldog... Backwater philistines.
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  2. Holy shit. They actually block here in their DNS servers at GDub (DNS not resolving) but they will let you load BIng. Wtf is that shit?
  3. Whoa never heard of that before. Lame
  4. We are at CLT (tee hee hee) right now. New favorite place, best place for breakfast here is the new-ish Whisky River.
  5. I'd expect nothing less from a Bush. Fuckers....
  6. Is valve the master of the CLT ?
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  7. I'm grounded until after I pop. :(
  8. I'm actually home this week was gone the previous three (Vegas, Vermont, Boston, DC). Heading to San Diego on Monday.
  9. So sorry we missed you. Next time!
  10. I have no idea what that is, and I don't want to know.

    Whatever you and the bartender did in the departure lounge bathroom stall, keep it to yourself sir.
  11. Damn skippy.
  12. Although Legal Seafood at PHL is our favorite airport restaurant.
  13. Do you have your own reserved rocking chair?
  14. I'm driving to Utah in a week. Does that count as traveling?
  15. Yep. I'm that old now. It's in E terminal.
  16. well leaving one area and going to another is traveling so yes
  17. Its only the best alcoholic breakfast drink ever!
  18. I actually have every ingredient at home required to make that, I might giv'er a try tonight.
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  19. Headed to Maryland in a couple of weeks. Then Texas for a week in July. Then possibly back to Texas in Aug or Sept to see Houston folk!