Hawt The UF Photography Thread for Photos that are Artsy, Vacationy, or Professionalsy.


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Sep 30, 2004
@Maureen paost your shit here as I couldn't find the thread you were talking about. I did find this one, but it's more for camera gear.

This thread is for all the good photography you guys do. No silly one-off pics or shit downloaded from the intrawebs. Good quality vacation, artsy, or professional-like photography goes here.

...and boobs. Pics of boobs.
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Nov 16, 2010
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So I went to this barrio just east of the city to hand out some stuff to the local kids there (toothbrushes, facecloths, small toys, band aids snacks etc) I do this often, I pick up stuff at the dollar store in Toronto and hand them out with Kiko[emoji173]️ but this time I went with my dad.

Before my phone died i was able to get some pics.. When I go back in a few weeks closer to xmas I will get pics with the kids. They are soooo happy.

This is one of the dirt roads leading to the homes (favelas)

This is the "shoe drop off table"
The neighbourhood kids all share shoes. So when one isn't using them they leave them at the table for other kids to wear. This made me so sad...

This is considered "good living" in the shanty towns

A small flower shop business

Doggies are sleeping like this all over the town.. Some are sooo skinny and you can tell they are dead by the flies swarming around them. Happy to report that this guy was alive and breathing :)

Then I ventured to a cemetery close by...this place was all kinds of sad.

Then I went to the market and bought some "tamales" from this lady. I had a tiny bit but was to scared to finish it Cuz potato pregnant ..

Then I felt soooo at home when I saw a man with a turban walking back towards my apartment!
I was like hey! Are you from Toronto??