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Anne Perkins!
Feb 8, 2015
Yep. As an ex-bartender/server, I'm ridiculous when it comes to tipping. First, bartenders give so much shit away it's amazing and I always wonder if they'll get caught so I pay for all the liquor regardless + 25-50%. Comp 1/2 my drinks, you get 125-150%.

I was just out for dinner & the bartender had just opened a new private-label hot sauce & set it in front of me to use. I've bought them before, $4 each, and asked if they had extras to sell. 25% of the time they don't. So she checks & came back & said she checked with the mgr, but didn't have any more unopened but said I could 'just take' that one[that she just gave me]. When the check comes, there's no hot sauce charge so I ask her about it. "No, no. You can just take it." Me: +$10 for you.

If they do the slightest extra in customer service, it means the world to me. They deserve it. Big money comes if they're giving my date that extra customer service. It always bugs me when they only want take care of the person paying the bill. . . And I think that most food & bev establishments now know that when they go the extra mile they get really great loyalty.
Any good server knows to be nicest to the female of the couple for best results. Because usually she will say something that influences the tip.


Looks like Ted Nugent, Smells like Sasquatch
Apr 18, 2016
Very astute Boots, very astute.

Something seemed off no matter how I read it but I could never pin down just what it was.

Very astute, Boots very astute.