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Thread So does anyone actually have a problem with women serving in active combat roles?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Oh, and while we're putting you straight Duke. The very article you posted contained the following.

    For Sir Hew Strachan, a brigadier general and military historian, the character of war has changed so significantly women are already “directly in dangerous positions.”
    He told the Daily Express: “The notion that somehow there is a frontline into which you put men and a rear area where women can serve is no longer true in these sorts of wars. Women are already in the frontline.”

  2. I think, in fairness, that there is a perception that the 'front line' is infantry. At one time this may well have been relevant as only the infantry was in the direct line of fire. With actions such as Afghanistan, however, there are plenty of non-infantry roles at FOB's that can come under fire and may well have to fire back. These situations don't necessarily require the same elements of strength and stamina that infantry posts might need.
  3. I thought the front line was a zig-zaggy trench in which men lived and died amongst muck and filth and rats and gore in gas masks and with naught but moldy bread to eat. That's what it is in my head, at least.
  4. I already posted my opinion, goober.
    My concern is that infantry has traditionally been the Army's dumping ground where they toss people not qualified for anything else. Generally those men can be trained to be decent soldiers, but if someone just does not have the strength to do it long term there could be issues.
    I would like to see it stay a volunteer thing for a good while.

    I know it wasnt a bash and didnt take it as such.
  5. That's how wars are played out these days.
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  7. Blackadder was not a documentary.
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  16. I grew up in Norway. BBC was the English station.
  17. A mechanic has to go out on every convoy in case there are issues. Several of my friends that only got about 2 months of training in conducting themselves in battle ended up in fire fights in the early days.
    But that is the Air Force. Our Army trains everyone as a rifleman first and a mechanic/IT-Tech/Admin/whatever-their-actual-job-is-second. This helps them survive, but the average soldier ends up as only a decent whatever. At least thats what it used to be
  18. Everyone gets some basic weapons training here too but real REMFs will never use it. Nowadays though, as you say, there are plenty of trades who can find themselves in combat accidentally.
  19. For the AF, most REMF jobs have a mandatory two month training before every deployment. Prolly helps