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Thread So does anyone actually have a problem with women serving in active combat roles?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Women in the kitchen just throw all your spices away.
  2. Id have to get all stabby over that. Spices are expensive.

    Tardwife must pay. Please enlighten us to your plan.
  3. I plan on punishing her by staying married to her. That'll teach her.
  4. Why bother making these threads when everyone just bullshits to be "politically correct" ya'll a bunch of fake ass pussies.

    Anywhoo, I DON'T believe women should have active combat roles.

    I believe this is something only men should do.

    /heard over rotor wash

  6. Youd be surprised by the healing powers of meat loaf.

  7. You must have gotten your xanax and bitch pills mixed up again.
  9. Yes, sexual assault and rape of female officers is pretty rife in the military, same as everywhere else. It must be covered up very well but you hear about it now and again.
  10. I have no idea what the UK stance is on this, I think we've had women in the front line for a while now probably :iono:
  11. Why? Cuz I didn't agree with the masses?
  12. lol no , the post just came off as bitchy to me is all :p
  13. Knock it off!

  14. what?
  15. If she can pack & fire a M429 on full auto and it's ammo, why not?

    Besides, while not common, it's known that some guys have broken down under fire. To use that as an excuse on chicks is silly.

    The 'old man' side of me, however, thinks women should never be put in harms way, and the reason men go to war is to assure that.
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    You really should do the simple courtesy of checking google before making the statements.

    Because you are wrong, again.

  17. Its not being mentally weaker or emotionally able to handle things. Its purely a physical element. As coqui will spout till the end of the day, women dont build muscle (and consequently strengh) the same way men do. So there is some concern that they might not be able to perform heavy lifting job functions.

  18. Dude, I know some scrawny ass dudes who spent time in the military, even the marines, that can't even physically lift shit I do, so that argument doesn't fly.
  19. if they want to be equal then all the standards should be the same. none of this extra 2mins or lower reps for pushups and situps for pt test.
  20. True that, im scrawny and i was able to handle everything just fine. But look at tons of women, even super fit ones, trying to do pullups. Its challenging due to body differences. I can look just as skinny as them, but somehow be way stronger.