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Thread So does anyone actually have a problem with women serving in active combat roles?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. besides, the argument here is front line fighters, not REMFs. the REMFs can be scrawny and women have always (for recent history, with the exception of hte marines) been able to be REMFs.
  2. Sorry, I didn't know we were distinguishing between 'the front line' and 'the front line'

    I think the same argument against women was used with blacks, and now gays, and now women. If someone wants to fight for their country why does it matter?
  3. Why is doing pull ups an indicator or anything?

    Yes, women don't generally have the same upper body strength, but one doesn't have to do pull ups while fighting all that often. I can lift a lot more than many men, just because I'm not weak as shit. Female firefighters carry people out of houses just as male ones do.

  4. Ok, yes, you should definitely go straight to the front line.
  5. :lol:

    I'd totally be a firewoman. Not so keen on the whole killing people in other countries thing though. If England got invaded, that's a whole other thing though.
  6. Do you feel the same way about black people? Because that's essentially what you're saying. If someone (black/female/martian/robot) is able to do the job the same as everyone else, they should be allowed to do so. To allow anything less is intentionally inhibiting someone's freedom and liberty.
  7. firefighting is a fair comparison, with the exception of one thing. Duration.

    Firefighting you have 50-80 pounds of gear with your SCBA, and you may have to drag a person out of a building. But its all over in a couple hours. Military front line personnel are geared up for days to weeks at a time, it slowly wears you down if you dont have the strength to maintain it.

    Pull ups were just an demonstrative example, but a relevant one. If you cant do a pullup, can you vault yourself over a 7 foot wall?
  8. Not without a lift up, I'm only 5'5" :lol:

    I can vault over walls and climb just fine though. I can lift my 40kg (90+lb) dog with ease and I'm pretty sure when I was backpacking round Europe for weeks on end at the age of 18 I had close to 30kgs on my back all day long walking round.

    Either way, if some women can pass the tests and have the endurance that's all that matters. I doubt they'lll be passing any SAS tests anytime soon, in fact I they've tried and no woman has passed, but I'm sure some women are just as capable in other sections of the military.
  9. Sadly I was always a REMF. Never ended up anywhere that needed me outside. Well, except for me and another A1C that were inexplicably allowed out to man a warm base in Kuwait so that the contractors could have time off.
    It does happen, far far too often. Unfortunately this wont change matters on that end as women are already at bases in support positions
  10. Huge diff between touring in a civilized country with a backpack and patrolling a third world country while wearing body armor + ruck sack + weapon
  11. And do you think women can't do it then?
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    It's a pretty thin line then as I'm not sure how you can fire 400 rounds of artillery if

    Under current rules female soldiers – who compromise around nine per cent of the British armed forces - are not allowed to enter into situations where they could "engage and potentially kill" the enemy.

    Girls On The Frontline is a new documentary scheduled for broadcast on BBC THREE on Thursday 25 March at 9pm.

    The programme follows a group of extraordinary young women on the frontline in Afghanistan - and their families back home.

    Officer Fiona, bombardier Adele, lance-bombardier Zanna and medic Holly are based just north of Sangin in Helmand province at a forward operating base (FOB) called Inkerman. It's been fired on so many times that it's nicknamed "FOB incoming".

    The documentary includes footage shot during one of the biggest artillery engagements of the war, with Fiona and Holly's patrol surrounded by the Taliban. Ducking rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire for four hours, they desperately run through the irrigation ditches of the green zone as they try to get back to the base. Meanwhile, Adele and Zanna are back at the FOB firing more than 400 rounds of artillery in a bid to get the patrol safely home.

    Aaaaah Google.
  13. Still enough to know the stresses by being in the environment though. That wasnt a bash in any way. Hell, it might have helped you come home when you might not have if you were outside the wire more often.
  14. Not so much google, that quote is from the UK's military website itself.
  15. The names of roles in your military make me feel like im playing Age of Empires. I would like to select the prussians please, and turtle until i can build 40 lance-bombadiers, then attack. Also, i must build a technology center and increase my ironworks to upgrade from bombardier to lance bombardier
  16. Pretty sure we built an empire using those names, maybe you guys could take that on board. :fly:
  17. I just need to put the brit contingent on ignore. Their ignorance has escalated to ruining just about every thread here.
  18. Maybe you should do just that instead of making stupid posts about it. :lol:
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    Yet again you show what a complete retard you are. Where's the ignorance outside of your posts? Women in the British army do indeed engage and kill the enemy. That, according to you, doesn't happen. Now you can pretend that there's a front line different to the 'front line' but you're really just doing what you do best, talking shit. Your whole life is a fail. Why don't you just do the whole world a favour and put it on ignore? You, my friend, are currently, with your argumentative bullshit, doing more to ruin threads than anyone else.
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: