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Xmas Tree

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Yeah we are never doing a real tree every again. That shit is too messy and expensive in the long run.
I have an awesome 8 ft. fake with built in lights. I like the ones that have snow on them because Christmas without snow is like kicking ass without an Uruk. It just doesn't work. Mine, however, doesn't have snow.

I'm contemplating buying several more trees so I can have a Christmas f*cking grove.
we may not have snow here for christmas this year. fucking BULLSHIT. what's the point of living in canada if i can't have a white christmas (not racist)
I grow one from seed in my hallway every year. It costs around £140 a week in gro-lights to get it to 8 foot tall by December. There must be an easier way.
The real tree prices in this area are fcking laughable. So screw them. I refuse to pay over $100 for a murdered tree that I will only use for a month. So wasteful, messy and well, fuck it.

I LOVE my fake tree! :) I paid 90-something for it - worth every cent.
I've got to get a real tree. The smell is the only thing that feels like Christmas in this fucking state. I don't care that its $100, I love Christmas. :rant:
mine's a foot tall and made out of red foil paper with sheet music on the underside of the 'branches'
previous owner of my condo left it on the counter when he moved out. :fly: