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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I'm Angular Saxon.
  2. You're pretty smart. People aren't supposed to be all chiseled looking.
    A month in the hole!

    /gets dragged away
    This is my life!!!
  3. Do you see lots of portly wolves or lions?
  4. I'm not advocating obesity. I'm just saying people need some fat on them, and people aren't wolves or lions.
  5. Actually, they don't.
  6. they don't need any fat? we do need some, there are fatty acids we need and can't make
  7. Yes they do.

    Edit: evolutionarily speaking
  8. Why is it that when someone loses weight they have to tell everyone how they did it? And it's always the same story. Ate less, moved more!
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    Why are you so bitchy about having to hear about it?

    edit: you technically don't even HAVE to.
  10. Well, to be fair, hes bitchy about pretty much everything.
  11. I'm not bitchy. I'm happy for you. It's just funny that whenever someone loses weight or tones up there will be a conversation about it at some point. Somewhere in there is a revelation about neurotransmitters or something.
  12. Also, yes.
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    So don't read it.

    Between you, and Nemesi preaching about her love of cigarettes, my thread turned into a shitfest that I stopped caring about. I originally had plans to add more to it, but there's really no point.

    So while I'm sorry that I forced you at gunpoint to read my diet/exercise routine maybe next time you could just say "I'm happy that works for you" and find something else to do with your time.
  14. Warning! Roid rage!
  15. except the no carb people.

    They didnt move at all, and at mcdonalds hamburgers all day without the buns. But theyll be sure to tell you that too.
  16. Toughen up, Nancy. We come here to give each other shit, not hugs. Let's talk about egg whites.
  17. :fly:
  18. How many bells u pushin sissy
  19. No.

    You have the physique of asian manicurist.

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