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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. CREED! that's the band I was trying to think of up there! ^!
  2. holy fack, thank god you switched from swallowing to spitting.
  3. He's always been the same size with me. His last gf made him chug a lot of chode.
  4. All bullshit aside, you did a really good job on getting to where you are.
  5. Fattest:

    Yes, I realize the Irony that I was in a cheer outfit regularly at my fattest, I'm not proud of it.



    Basically every pic I post now.


    Fittest was about a year ago. I'm working to change that though.
  6. Took a lot of stairmaster, eating better, and drugs.

  7. LOL
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    Warning...unflattering pics like whoa ahead.

    So at my largest I was in the 8th grade, 183lbs. Unibrow central. Better left unseen.

    Then I lost of bunch of weight in high school...which I gained right back during college, and grad school. Leading me to this post grad school about 20lbs lighter than my heaviest, but still ...

    I got a job I hated, then I got a job I by virtue of being happier...I lost 10lbs

    The former is December 2010, where I decided, fuck this I'm changing. Really changed my diet January 2011, incorporated the gym February 2011.

    By August 2011, I was at my goal weight.

    Then I lost a little bit more as I became more and more interested in lifting. Which brings me to TODAY :happy:
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  9. and then came the tongue....
  10. DAT GAP
  11. Nice definition
  12. Not great, but I'm trying! :)
  13. YOu need to learn how to say "yes, thank you".

    Im bad at that too. people give me a compliment and im like "welll... not really if you look at ....." then i have to stop myself, and tell myself to quit being a jackass and be appreciative and say thankyou.
  14. This a general problem of mine. I'm hyper critical of myself so I'm not an adequate judge of reality as it pertains to my abilities/strengths/whatever.

    I'm a little cray cray. But I also have 25 years of being a fatty to fuck with my perception. :p
  15. I might post.

    Nothing has changed much in 16 years.
  16. Grace is simply an amazing inspiration!!!
  17. Wow Zac, just wow.
  18. Oh dear god! Lmfaooooo
  19. Don't sweat over that, girl. That's just a side effect of estrogen that affects all of you.
  20. Aww :o :heart: