Pics Poost ye dagz.


Eats bananas with the peel still on
Jul 24, 2013
Albuquerque, NM
Co-worker took a 5 pound moose roast out of his freezer last night and left it in his sink to thaw. Forgot about it in the morning and headed into work. Then remembered "shit, I left the roast out" and darted home to put it away. Looked in the sink.. no roast.

Then he sees a bunch of blood and shredded plastic on the dog bed. His border collie hauled it out of the sink and ate the whole thing.

Dog's doing great. Co-worker not so much, he was looking forward to that moose...
Left a brand new bag of hamberder buns on the counter the other day when we left for the boy's concert. Got back and they were gone.

Scout's been painting the lawn ever since.