Pics Poost ye dagz.


Blame It On The Gassa Nova
Sep 29, 2012
This is Lucy, my almost-3-year-old doberman:

She was thrown out by a local breeder who docked her tail a vertebrae too short, decided "we can't sell the dog, it doesn't meet breed standards" and dumped her in the middle of halifax. Someone caught her eating their garbage and took her to the SPCA. We adopted the dog from there, and the breeder is now shut down (thank fuck)

People are scared of these dogs (thanks, snoop..) and it doesn't help any that she's a very energetic dog that wants to play with everyone. But she's broken the fear of plenty of people with her good personality, she's an absolute sook when she's calm.

And here's Charlie. Don't really know how old he is, maybe 8 or 9.

He was seized by animal control from someone who left him chained on outside in the winter with no water/food, and he was close to starvation. He lived at the SPCA for a while but didn't get adopted out, then a local german shepherd rescue saved him from being put down. The rescue thinks he's a german shepherd/beagle cross, other people look at the ears and say corgi. If he didn't have a name when we got him, we would have called him Yoda because of those ears.

He's a laaazy dog that's pretty much attached at the hip to my girlfriend.

Mr. Asa

Extra Medium Tedium
Sep 27, 2012
Re: Post yer dawgz.

Luna as a young wolf

Luna showing her Alpha-ness

Julie, being Alpha as fuck

Jill, dominating Luna

Here's Jack the wolf watching NCIS
I think he likes it because Gibbs is so Alpha

A random Blue-Tailed Wolf

Here's a wolf I shot

Thorn Bird

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May 24, 2005
Re: Post yer dawgz.

um, april?

fly, please don't read this.

today might be a good day to ask for a puppy...just ask RIGHT after you hand baby back over to the rightful owners. :happy: