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NSFW Mr Asa has SPAM coming out of his wee hole

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Wait til they find his upper Decker.
    As soon as he spent half the day shitting I knew he was up to no good
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  2. I would rather shit on their lanai than leave an upper decker
  3. Rude.
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  4. I would never shit on a screened in porch though
  5. Double rude.
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  7. you'll give it back in your pee once its catalyzed?
  9. Naw man, shit in their litter box.
  10. no, i actually respect their cats more than i respect them
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  13. its friday the 13th. anyone superstitious?
  14. No.
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  15. I had to walk under a ladder to avoid the path of a black cat and I stepped on a crack in the sidewalk while doing so.

    It's gonna be a bad day for me and Mom.
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  16. Lol no, people's obsession with that number is as ridiculous as horoscopes.

    Hey long as we don't label this floor 13 then we're safe! :eek:
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Not open for further replies.