ITT we discuss why I should get Netflix

Spange Monkee said:
They have every movie except for Meatballs. Damn fuckers.

We watched "Oldboy" last night. It's a fuuuuucked up Korean movie.

Oldboy, what a greattttttt movie if I am thinking about the right one

Meatballs, bwahahhahahahahahahaha amazing:D
BeeRad said:
haha, I like my way of getting movies much better, 1 day for any movie in the world with a zero charge

there's this little town in mexico called juarez...
Oldboy is good stuff.

Ok kids, I'm all signed up. Rather than post my email addy on a semi-public message board I'll say something charming like "Send me a PM so that I can add you to my friends list". And then you'll PM, and I'll add, and you all can see how pathetically small my.... queue is.
elpmis said:
I'm thinking about going to netflix - blockbuster really sucks now

Question: when you rent a season of a television series do they send you the whole season? or is it like shitty blockbuster where they divide the season up in to sections (stupid)
they divide it up.