ITT we discuss why I should get Netflix

We use netflix. We have the 2 at a time bc my husband hates watching movies. Turn around is really quick I can throw a movie in the mail one day the often recieve it the next and I have a movie the next day or 2 it. It averages a 3-4 day turn around for us. They are really good about sending a new disk if the one you have is damaged. Overall I have had a good experience and it works well for us bc sometimes we let a movie sit for a month and no late fees!
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Netflix rocks. We've had it for about a year now. In all this time we've never had a problem with them at all. We have the three movie plan. Once we got the wrong movie, but I think that's pretty impressive considering how long we've had it. On very rare occasion you get scratched dvd's. The turn around time is 2-3 days on average. It's never taken longer than 4 days for us. Their customer service is quick to respond if you do have an issue or question that you can't find the answer for on their easy to use site. I highly recommend it to anyone.
I'm thinking about going to netflix - blockbuster really sucks now

Question: when you rent a season of a television series do they send you the whole season? or is it like shitty blockbuster where they divide the season up in to sections (stupid)
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They have every movie except for Meatballs. Damn fuckers.

We watched "Oldboy" last night. It's a fuuuuucked up Korean movie.

I watched that two nights ago. Good movie. I had seen it before though.