GAY Is Pope Francis genuine or is all this neat stuff surrounding him a publicity stunt?


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Sep 30, 2004


Those amazing photos are the result of a meeting between Pope Francis and a man whose face has been badly disfigured by neurofibromatosis*, as part of the Pope’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square. Hat-tip to Justin Green. See more photos like this here.

  1. Released a German Bishop for his penchant for luxury items (42 mil home renovation, etc)
  2. Drives a 1984 Renault 4, not covered in bullet proof glass
  3. Will baptize without judgement
  4. His beliefs on homosexuality contrast with those of his predecessors saying who is he to judge
  5. No pope has ever washed the feet of others, let alone 12 criminal offenders
  6. Does not live in the opulent papal apartments like previous popes, but lives alongside the clergy and lay people
  7. Carries his own luggage, damnit
  8. When traveling he cooks his own meals when possible and takes public transportation
he's been doing similar since long before he was the pope, so that would indicate towards genuine. Same goes for most religious leaders from his order in general.
well, considering they had emperor palpatine before him, they kinda had to make some sort of change.

No shit - that guy was awful. I cannot hide my dislike of the guy and I was so happy when he stepped down.

To me the new guy seems very genuine. Jesuits are known for that type of life though so it truly seems normal to me that he would be this way. No more over the top fur lined capes, Gucci shoes Prada too. Ugh he was a disgrace.
Athiests are pissed off because they can't find a justifiable reason to hate this particular Pope yet.

it's kinda the other way around, at least for me. I'm happy that finally there's a movement in a major religion to move beyond some of the stuff that makes that particular religion horrible in the first place. good luck finding any significant number of atheists actually pissed about this

I would much rather any debate on religion be about the ability to verify its claims, however the negative influences on society have to be the forefront of the conversation because they're still affecting people today. Once those are gone we can get into purely philosophical debates. That's a good thing and I imagine most atheists you talk to will agree.
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