If you were a moustache what type would you be?

SchmilK said:
Sitting in meetings i would gaze aimlessly out the window twisting and pulling on it :D

This was the full growth a month earlier...then march 1st i had to cut the chin hair off and go with the mustache only. :)
omfg that rocks :lol:
Don't let them get you down you are a true inspiration to those of us who are not allowed to sport such a wonderful stash.
BeeRad said:
only thing you could come up with was cow??? you need to take some lessons from SD

He's definitely more of a thesaurus than I am. I shall take your advice. LEAVE ME.
I'd have to say Strip tease.

However, I have a goatee at the minute for the second time in my life. It is a form of protest. I will be keeping it for the rest of the month.