I no longer hold the title belt


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Sep 30, 2004
FlamingGlory said:
Meh, you sound like a european. Yes it is incredibly skill based, but it's also just about the only thing still around where if someone does piss you off you dont appeal to a higher authority or depend on rules. Every level I've played at, you dont do things not because they are against the rules but because they arent fair and the reprecussions are enormous.

In anthropology they'd call it a culture of honour vis a vis a culture of laws. Debates are settled finally and always with a clear victor. The bigger guys tend to take care of the little guys etc. There is alot more going on, on the ice, than just OMG LETS FIGHT LOLOL.

I could keep going but I'll spare ya :p
Finally, someone is trying to take the title of forum asshole away from me.
elpmis said:
You were never the forum asshole theac, if anything you were the forum butt of all jokes.


Much props to them for not only being able to take a joke but do a better back to you at their own expense.
ChikkenNoodul said:
Someone kick your favorite cabbage patch kid?

You've been nothing but a barrel of grump since you came back.
dude, he's a foreigner, this is him on a good day