Pics Hobby Thread

Picked up an Atlantic Molds A104 Christmas tree mold from some old people. Got my bucket of homemade stoneware casting slip all tweaked up and ready, and casted a tree. And a snail.


And I've got a bad idea. One of my friends runs Eurekatec, the shop that designed and built the animatronic face for Woody, the infamous talking Christmas tree:

Also the same shop that did the donair ornament project for me a few years back. They're 3D printing a mold for me, that I'm gonna use to make a plaster mold, to in turn slip cast a Woody face I'm gonna graft onto a tree.

If all goes well it'll go viral again, I'll sell a few, maybe auction one off for the local children's hospital or a food bank or something.
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Making a mold, to make a mold, for another attempt at the solo cup.

The HH logo is my wife's new pottery business.

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The wife's been making trees too. Not quite as butpluggy but hey, what can you do.

She's teaching a course this weekend to a bunch of people on how to do it. Running off a bunch of cone shaped jigs on the 3D printer right now that they'll be using.

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