Do you eat the skin on a baked potato?

Nope, unless its in the mashed potatoes and I'm too lazy to pick it out.

Austrailians call them jacket potatoes too.
NeedMoreEmo said:
You have skin in mashed potato? What happened to pealing or buying ready made mash? :wtf:
Some restaurants are lazy I guess and just cut it with the skin.

I'd much rather have it without. Homemade taters.... drroroooolllll.

It's called bakpotatis and no, I don't eat the skin. Fresh potatoe (or whatever you guys call it) on the other hand is perfectly fine to eat the skin off IMHO.
I eat them sometimes, just depends on my mood.

When I was in Scotland there was a Potato Bar, it was a little tiny place and all they sold were baked potatos with all kinds of toppings, soooooo good.
DirkPhoenix said:
Texans call them "durn tootin taters WOO!" and yes we do, but only after we shoot our guns into the air and lynch any nearby minorities.

I keep getting mixed up and shooting the taters, lynching the gun and eating the minorities
Forrest Dump said:
Its like eating wet wall plaster
Potatoes from a box = :drool:

you just have to know how to make them. My wife makes the best Mashed potatoes in the world, no contest. She puts in sour cream and cream cheese. Better then anything that has ever been in my belly.
I love potato skins or boats or whatever they are called, too.