Big Parenting Moments

b_sinning said:
Bwhahahaha, ive seen that before but it is hillarious all the same
FlamingGlory said:
So... Parents shouldnt be attached to their children. Well that's a lovely perspective and I'm sure everyone will take it into consideration. All celebrations are slightly sad, e.g. funerals. It's not anyone's fault you cant understand why a parent sending their children off to school may be a little sad, but obviously since it doesnt mesh with your view of how the world should be, it's wrong.

All I said was that most normal, red blooded, people will be slighty miffed, even if they dont act it. You disparage nearly every post relating to children on this site, we are all we aware of your feelings on the subject.


Uh huh yeah....

Pandora said:
Is that a cigarette I see in her hand?! :tard:

That's what I was wondering too. Those people are stupid.

I also don't understand why people freak out and go crazy, but I definitely understand the being sad and happy all at the same time. I will be happy for my child and the fact that they are growing up and going to school and progressing in life, but it really does go too fast. Even though you are dropping your kid off at school, it seems like only yesterday you were just bringing them home from the hospital.

But than again, I'll have two other kids when Haylee starts kindergarten, so maybe I'll happily be shooing her out the door so I only have two kids at home to for a few short hours. :fly:

The pic is funny cause shes smoking while complaining about jackhammers, COME ON PPL

JK, I know you got it but still come on now
My Mom went through a bout with depression after I left for college, and I was only 45 min away in Atlanta. She is a substitute teacher, and I was an only child. Especially during the early years, when my dad would be overseas for 6 months at a time, and her parents were way out of state, I was her only family. Then, when I started going to school, she was teaching school, so I was never much of a latch-key kid cause she was always home when I was. Let me tell you, that was a bitch when I started dating in high school :fly: But anyway, she was always there with me for a majority of the first 18 years of my life. I can see why she got depressed when all of the sudden I was no longer around.
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Well, at least she's halfway accomplishing her goal of impregnating the populous with Helen Keller clones. Wait,... does the article say anything about her having gonorea?(sp*) That causes blindness, right?

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Nyx said:
One of those big moments is when your daughter informs you that she's getting married...
Ruh roh. Hopefully, its to a guy.

Edit : more hopefully its not because she's pregnant.
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