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[Front Page] Article: jew yankee workshop presents, a table

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. :lol: ihu hissss
  2. Compliment the girl, and her looks, but get hate when you knock her gardening skills.

  3. Women only pay attention to the negative. Sigh... They never learn.
  4. Those are going to be other upcoming articles, as we move through our house and update shit on our own. :heart:
  5. Then I'm being fully serious when I say you should document it on video, get someone with decent editing skills, and send a few demo's to the HGTV crew.

  6. Last week, when I made the shrimp alfredo, I actually had a chick comment 'so, you chopped up a few herbs and sautee'd some shrimp. Big deal!'.....

    This is why you all deserve to date assholes.
  7. Well that's what you did, right?
  8. We can pull stunts like a mix between Jackass and Real World.
  9. "While Zac runs this board through the router,Wes is going to eat peppers non stop"
  10. With the exception of the pasta, everything there was hand done and home made.

    I deveined and cleaned 1.5 lbs of shrimp, hand ground 3 cups of parmesean, the dill and oregeno are part of my own recipie, added a few extra things to make the alfredo beyond awesome, etc etc..

    Honestly, no fucking love for effort.. fuck you whores.
  11. :lol: You aren't very domestic if that's a big deal to you. Hehehe
  12. I like the idea of a natural stone on top.

  13. Make the fucking pasta next time then ill fist bump ya.

  14. that looks like an ironing board.
  15. I will buy a TV to watch if this concept makes it to HGTV.
  16. Nice work, Fly, Weren't you afraid you might break a nail? :p
  17. I broke 3. :(
  18. I'm a single guy, so that should kind of go without saying.

  19. so am i, and i cook some awesome shit.
  20. I cook some awesome shit. But I really only do it when I have company over.

    Otherwise, it's steamed veggies and some kind of meat. Especially lately, since pasta and breads are now off the menu.