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Ontopic A Thread About Butt Mustard, For Those Who Drive Automobiles

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. The parking is one thing. The more than double mpg is something that I really love about it. $30 worth of gas can get me about 400 miles on the highway, about 350 miles in the city. I went from riding the motorcycle everyday because it got 40 mpg to doing it now because I love it.
  2. Exactly. The Tacomas now are the same size as my grandpas '91 F150. Like WTF guys? I get that people want bigger trucks, but not even having a smaller option... come on.
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  3. If I wanted something huge and impractical it would be one of these.

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  4. I have a buddy who has a Dodge Viper. Impractical to the max.
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  5. I've read that making your typical boxy 90s Tacoma/hardbody/ranger/B-series is pretty much impossible due to modern crash standards.
  6. They make smart cars that pass modern day crash standards, I'm sure if they were to put a little effort into it, they could make a small truck pass the standards as well.
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  7. I'll sign a waiver. Just give me a rolling beer can with a box on the back.

    We can have motorcycles, scooters, Fiat 500's and whatever else. Why not.
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  8. They make those little smart cars out of some composite that's supposed to be like 4x stronger but I sure wouldn't want to get hit in one.
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  9. i dunno, a coworker pre-ordered one of the first gen smart cars and i remember the hood was a piece of plastic that popped off similar to my atv. thing probably had a similar footprint to my atv too.
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  10. Because on those the hood does fuckall for structural rigidity
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  11. CAMRY.
  12. huehuehuehuehue

    But anyways...
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  13. I like livin' the small car life.
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  14. Camrys are great cars. I wish they still made the station wagon versions. Those were excellent cars. Very practical.
  15. I'd rock a V20 platform camry, I have a weird love for those cars. I was raised driving econoboxes and a friend of mine had a V6/5 speed one, the car was comfortable as shit and fun to drive.

    The current camry is a "drive to your phone company job, then swing by bed bath and beyond on the way home, maybe play some golf on the weekend" machine.
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  16. I want only two Toyotas, a Celica RA23 and a Corolla AE92 FX16.
  17. I had a '93 corolla wagon, does that count?

    That thing hauled and bands worth of gear to many a gig and I slept in it more than once.

    Was very practical.
  18. I was wrong, the 6th gen Corolla was FWD only, I want one because it was the car my friend and I learned to drive in.

    It was an AE92 FX16 2-door sedan.
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  19. Also had a little 90 celica for the SO. Would've made a great car for her if she was still 20. Unfortunately wasn't the best choice at age 50.
  20. I want a beater minivan that I can gut the seats out of and take up kayaking again. I used to have a kayak rack on my PT Cruiser but I'm short as Bilbo Baggins and it hurt my back and rotator cuffs to load and unload.
    Yank the seats out, line it with some synthetic plastic shit, do a psychedelic spray paint job on the outside.
    Way more ergonomic to load a kayak in the back of a minivan.
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