You wake up with an erection, what is your regimen?

I have really bad post nasal drip. Anytime I get a cold (like RIGHT FUCKING NOW AGAIN) I end up getting sick to my stomach, too, because I swallow a shit ton of mucus overnight, which upsets my tummy. And without sniffling, it just flows down there.

Before I had my septoplasty/turbinate reduction, I couldn't blow my nose at ALL without almost passing out because there was a ton of pressure and nothing would come out. Now, I can actually blow my nose and have junk come out, but large quantities still go down the back of my throat. It was worse when I had tonsils, and I'd get strep/tonsillitis several times a year. Now, I just get bronchitis a bunch.

My elementary school where I'm teaching has basically been passing around this same cold since it's been in session. We started school at the end of August, and this is the second time I've been sick since then. On the one hand, I'm annoyed that I've had more colds in a shorter time there than I ever did working at a lab where sick people went and gave me their fluids, but on the other hand I realize that patients' hygiene was better than my third graders', and that I was washing my hands 100-200 times a day (not an exaggeration).

I prefer to blow one nostril at a time. Sometimes I will go rapidly back and forth from nostril to nostril. Fun times.